Helmet reproductions

Giusti Roma creates faithful reproductions of helmets.


Le fasi della riproduzione

Le fasi della riproduzione

The stages of the reproduction
The helmets are regenerated with their original colour, which is almost always grey.

If you want us to create a new helmet from scratch we proceed with the complete stripping; if, on the other hand, you want a camouflaged helmet it is only finely sanded and repainted using the colour below as a background.

As for the interior, the headphones are disassembled, cleaned with cleansing milk and oil only if they are in good conditions, otherwise they are replaced with new headphones.

The helmet cords are light brown in origin but you can also have them dyed dark brown or grey-green by regenerating them.

Friezes can be applied, once the helmet is finished, if you wish.

All types of ageing are done naturally (e.g. rust) and require different stages of work.

Helmets available (in italian):

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