Giusti Roma, a brand that evokes the splendour of a Roman company that was active in the twentieth century, is a new Italian tailor-made entity.

Giusti Roma means high-quality tailoring and bespoke garments for the aeronautics sector, in particular as regards the reproduction of historical uniforms with great attention to detail, to the quality of the finished product and to the materials used. But tailoring also concerns historical reproductions of other kinds.


Giusti Roma is also sportswear with the Giusti brand and the SISA (Società Italiana Servizi Aerei РItalian air services company) brand.

GIUSTI Sportswear: is a fashion line that is addressed to contemporary men and women who have a good taste in dressing well but without sacrificing the comfort and practicality of sportswear clothing.

SISA (Italian air services company) is a brand, which has been chosen to continue the reference to Italian aeronautical history also in sportswear, making one of the first Italian civil aviation companies relive, even if only on clothing.

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